Beijer Ref puts its focus on OEM products. Own manufacturing of power packs and heat-exchange products is an increasingly prioritised segment.

The explanation is both simple and obvious. As one of the three largest and most modern refrigeration wholesale companies we have built up a unique understanding for our customers’ varying refrigeration requirements in the global market.

By transferring more than 50 years of accumulated refrigeration competence to a growing portfolio of OEM products, the ambition is to offer our customers even more competitive solutions within individual standard products as well as customised overall concepts.

In this context, a special focus is on technical solutions which are at the forefront of sustainable environmental development and not only meets, but surpasses, the sector’s ever stricter demands by a wide margin.

Power packs

Beijer Ref has its own manufacturing establishments for power packs in Europe and South Africa. We offer our customers both standardised products and customised solutions with the latest environmental technology.

All our OEM products are, of course, environment assured and we obviously also offer constructions with the latest trans-critical CO2 solutions.

In addition, we are happy to share our knowhow with the aim of speeding up the development still further. For example, our Italian manufacturing company, SCM Frigo, has built up an advanced and much appreciated test environment, where our customers are also invited to test new environment-friendly products in a realistic environment.

Heat exchangers

Beijer Ref’s manufacturing companies have more than 50 years’ experience of developing and producing heat-exchange products.

With a product range comprising more than 50 material combinations – such as stainless steel, titanium and copper – we create innovative solutions which meet our customers’ often very specific requirements.

One of our specialities is the manufacturing of complete heat-exchange systems for special and demanding purposes, such as special solutions in titanium for the offshore industry and aluminium systems for evaporation of ammonia in different industrial applications.