TripleAqua Propane heat pump wins top award

May  24, 2017

The TripleAqua propane heat pump has won the Dutch Innovation Award at the 2017 International IEA Heat Pump conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Boasting COPs as high as 10, the TripleAqua was developed by Beijer Ref Dutch subsidiary Uniechemie. It is said to be capable of achieving savings of up to 50% on commercial building heating and cooling costs.

Launched at last year’s Chillventa, the TripleAqua uses three water pipes and can store surplus warm or cold energy internally for reuse later. It also does away with the traditional 4-way valve, operating efficiently in the optimised efficient counter-flow modes, both in cooling as well as in heating mode.

Designed for external installation, the TripleAqua uses only a few kg of propane.