ECR-Nederland B.V.

ECR-Nederland BV is the leading company in commercial refrigeration in the Netherlands.

As a wholesaler, ECR takes care of selection, advise and supply from top products, through four outlets. The enthusiastic and very experienced team, often acts as an extension of the services from many companies in refrigeration and support schools and training-centers. The seminars, trainings and frequent promotions are highly appreciated by the customers.

The division Unitbouw is leading in developing and assembling customized products for all kinds of application, including natural refrigerants. Racks are produced within the directives of a quality system and delivered with the highest standards and approvals, like Lloyds.

Collseweg 26
NL-5670 Nuenen
MD: Udo van der Meer

Phone: +31 40 299 0600
Fax: +31 40 299 0699