SCM Frigo spa

SCM Frigo spa is leading refrigerating systems manufacturer (Power packs and condensing units with HFC, capacity range from 1 to 500 kW; CO2 systems and Chillers) and we are based in Padova, Italy.

We employ 100 permanent employees in a 7.500 square meter area.

High technical skill and flexibility are some of the main values of SCM Frigo, which European leader in the production of refrigerating systems with CO2, having more than 1200 running installations with this natural refrigerant.

Following the environmental vision, SCM Frigo has also designed a special outdoor NH3 chiller which is in production since 2010.

SCM Frigo produces average 40 units per week, with simple possibility to increase capability operation in a special area rich of sub suppliers for refrigeration.

Strada Zona Industriale 10 di Piove di Sacco
IT-35020 Vigorovea di Sant´Angelo
MD: Nicola Pignatelli

Phone: +39 0499 705 000
Fax: +39 0499 704 947