Uniechemie B.V.

Uniechemie BV is a leading importer / wholesaler and power pack-producer for the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump industry. We have committed our self for a sustainable refrigeration and heating technology.

The office and production-plant are situated in Apeldoorn which is in the center of the Netherlands. A place with a long history in refrigeration.

As import/ wholesaler Uniechemie offers a wide sales program of leading brands, such as the distribution of Bitzer Compressors which is already over 60 years old. Uniechemie stands for an excellent technical support and service to fulfill the customer needs.

Uniechemie has its own refrigerant repacking and reclaiming utility for the Dutch-market and many others in Europe.

Under the name ‘UC-Systems’ Uniechemie produces, also in Apeldoorn, CE marked power packs from 10 kW up to more than 1 MW suitable for synthetic refrigerants as well as natural refrigerants. Complete with electrical switchboard if required.

Aruba 21
NL-7332 BJ Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
MD: Richard Droop

Phone: +31 55 533 4529
Fax: +31 55 533 3729
Email: sales@uniechemie.nl
Website: www.uniechemie.nl